Mick Ruiz

Mr. Mick is a 30 year Navy Veteran and is a native of both Greenlee and Graham Counties. He has coached youth, middle school, and high school sports. Mr. Mick is very excited to be at the Club and has some fantastic ideas. He has had a great time getting to know all of the Members and Staff and looks forward to helping the Club continue to move forward. 

of the Board:
James Bryce

To contact, please email:

Philip Ornelas

Philip's past experience includes working at Safford High School and coaching a variety of sports. He has a passion for helping our Members and growing the Club into something even better. Philip will be your go to for questions about programs, your Members, and he will be frequently updating you on things that are going on at the Club. 

Mikayla has been working at the Club for over 2 years. She has held the position of both Manager and Program Coordinator, before moving to be Torch Director. Torch is our Teen Program, which focuses on life skills and community service. Mikayla is also a full-time Mom and has a desire

to guide our Members in

the right direction. 

Torch Director:
Mikayla Cope

To contact, please email:

To contact, please email:

Grants Coordinator:
Sylvia Lopez

Sylvia has been working tirelessly at the Club for ten years. She helps to coordinate our grants. She works effortlessly in gathering data and making the Club better in all aspects. 

Front Desk:
Traci Crum

Traci is our front desk personnel.  She has been working at the Club for a little over a year. She is your go to person for information about membership and payments. Traci is a great support at the Front Desk for our Parents and Members.